The Blob: How To Use Excitement To Overcome Your Child’s Fears


The Blob: How To Use Excitement To Overcome Your Child’s Fears

blob [blob] noun – An object, especially a large one, having no distinct shape or definition

As I sit here blogging, I am surrounded by the sites and sounds of Kamp Kanakuk. Girls doing gymnastics, boys playing dodgeball, kids swimming, counselors instructing, camp chants, loud lunch songs, the list goes on. There are so many wonderful, fun things about camp that every kid should experience!

The Mission of the Blob

At Kanakuk, every pool of swimming water has a blob in it – a humongous, colorful bag of air that kids jump onto from super-tall platforms. Their mission is to bounce others as high into the air as possible, landing back on the blob or plunging into the water. The excitement to do the blob quickly overcomes the intimidation of jumping from such a height. And as you can imagine over the past five years, I have treated many an injury at the expense of the blob.

doctors summer camp pictures This is our fifth year going to Kanakuk as a family. I have worked as the Kamp Doctor since 2011. It is a great experience for our family as a summer vacation. The kids get to learn life lessons such as shooting BB guns and how to use a bow and arrow. They have improved their swimming and courage by jumping off diving boards and being bounced off the blob. They have a lot of fun on the water slides, slip-n-slide, tennis courts, and boat rides at dusk. They watch the wonderful counselors pour heart and spirit into these little kampers all summer long. And now, as they grow up, they leave our Cook Family Kamp to become Kanakuk kampers themselves.

Summer Camps In Wilmington and beyond

Every year thousands of kids experience a similar atmosphere for a week or two. There are many different types of camps to enjoy – sports camps, dance camp, church camp, and all-around camps like Kanakuk. There are even specialized camps for kids with particular medical conditions – such as diabetes, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, etc. The benefits of camp help kids in various life areas such as improving confidence and independence, activity and exercise, and role modeling by counselors and adults. It gives children a chance to improve certain skill sets such as sports, dance, and art. Camp can be a time of self-reflection and spiritual grounding, such as church camp. It surely provides an opportunity to meet other kids their age with similar interests, creating friendships for life.

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It’s Not Too Late for 2018

So, when your child shows an interest in camp, be proactive and encouraging. It’s not too late for 2018 summer camps! Research the various opportunities that may be a good fit for your individual child. The friendships, exercise, fun, and adventure to be had will make memories for life.

“Blobbers are you ready?”

Dr. Nate