What Is Direct Primary Care?

direct primary care in wilmington nc

What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary Care (DPC) is a newer model of medical care that is growing rapidly across North Carolina and the country. DPC utilizes a membership model similar to a gym membership – patients directly contract with their physician in a monthly payment plan for the medical services provided to them. Why is this change from the typical payment model important?

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The difficulty patients and physicians have in today’s healthcare climate originates in the regulation and payment structure of third party payers (insurance companies, governmental agencies, etc.). Providers are forced to spend time and money to meet the demands of payers in areas such as documentations, referrals, regulations, and patient numbers. Reimbursement for services force physicians to see more patients in less time just to make ends meet. Currently, an average pediatrician is forced to have 3000+ patients and spend an average of 7 minutes per patient visit.

All of the above are at the expense of the patient’s satisfaction, access, and the desired relationship they have with their physician.

As a pediatric direct primary care provider, we do not advocate for the elimination of health insurance, but believe the role should be limited to a more catastrophic position, such as emergency or hospital care. By removing insurance from primary care, we make access to your physician affordable and personable.

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