Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider Dockside Pediatrics

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider Dockside Pediatrics

When you are looking for a new pediatrician in Wilmington, consider the personalized care that a membership at Dockside Pediatrics affords you and your family.

1. Personalized Care

The membership model of DPC (Direct Primary Care) allows us to limit our patient numbers to around 500 patients, well below the 3000+ patients of most pediatricians. This allows us to get to know you and your child personally and care for them individually.

2. Direct Access to Your Pediatrician in Wilmington

Members of Dockside Pediatrics have the personal cell phone and email of their pediatrician. This allows you to text, call, or email your questions and receive a response within minutes, not hours, directly from your pediatrician – whether your near our office on Oleander Drive or not.

3. Same-day or Next-day Scheduling

Waiting weeks to months for a well child check is the norm for most pediatric practices in North Carolina. Even then you may or may not see your actual pediatrician. At Dockside, all appointments are scheduled within a day or two. Really, just give us a call – 910-399-1954.

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4. Extended Office Visits

All of our appointments are an hour long. The average office visit with a physician in the US is 7 minutes. Office appointments are our chance to get to know you better, hear your story, provide a thorough evaluation, and answer all of your questions. There is no rush to your time at Dockside.

5. Newborn Home Visits in the Wilmington Area

Taking your newborn to a doctor’s office 3 days post-postpartum is what every new mom wants to do, right? Not at Dockside! We will come see your newborn in the comfort of your home. Pediatric home visits allow us to meet your family and get to know your newborn in the comfort of your home.

6. In-office Medication Dispensing

Our pediatricians can dispense medications for your child from our office. In an effort to provide convenience and service to our patients, we keep the most common medications prescribed and ones that have substantial cost-savings for our members. This is another example of how Dockside provides pediatric care built around our patients schedules, not our clinic.

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7. Relaxed Office Setting

With hour-long appointments and no wait, it is rare that our waiting room has patients actually waiting. However, with the plush sofa, coffee bar, and entertaining toys, waiting would not be so bad. We also have a nursing room for moms to breastfeed before heading home. The doctor’s office is not somewhere people want to hang out, but chillin’ at Dockside isn’t so bad.

8. Managing Chronic Illnesses in Children

Direct primary care allows doctors the time and attention to devote to our patients with chronic medical conditions. We can research special medical conditions, most recent treatment options, and the complexity that may entail caring for your little one. We can spend more time coordinating treatment plans and discussing care with your other sub-specialist providers and services. Overall, parents with children who have chronic illnesses benefit from the comprehensive, personal care needed by parents and their little ones.

9. Managing the System

The complexity of our healthcare system is difficult to manage and can be overwhelming for parents at times. Your pediatrician at Dockside has the time to focus on patient referrals, organizing patient services such as therapy, and discussing your child’s medical care with other providers. And it is important to follow-up with you to make sure your treatment plan is beneficial and acceptable.

10. Healthcare Savings

One of the most common questions we receive is “Why should I pay for a membership when I already pay for health insurance?” At Dockside Pediatrics, your membership covers full access and benefits to our practice. That means no co-pays, no office-visit fees, no “meeting your deductible.” These health  insurance fees add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars each year in addition to your monthly premiums. 1 visit to the ER for an earache can pay for a years membership to Dockside Pediatrics. Insurance is great for catastrophic healthcare needs such as hospitalization or surgery, but using insurance for primary care raises healthcare costs for us all. Direct Primary Care is the answer!

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